What Do You Know About Hurricane Coverage?

You probably remember exactly what this image is – Hurricane Irma on its way to landfall here in Florida just this past September.

With hurricane season approaching June 1, we want to make sure all our clients are familiar with how your insurance works for you in the aftermath of one of these storms.

  • Your hurricane deductible is different and separate from your homeowner’s deductible. It’s usually a percentage (2% is common) of the insured coverage of your home.
  • Hurricane coverage may be used only when the National Weather Service has declared a storm to be a hurricane. This can cover damages occurring from the time a hurricane watch or warning is issued until up to 72 hours after the watch or warning ends.
  • If your deductible is larger than the cost of your damages, should you file a claim? Maybe – Although your insurance company wouldn’t pay for these damages, filing the claim lets them know the extent that you paid and that amount is applied towards any future hurricane deductible for the rest of that calendar year.
  • Insurance companies can’t cancel or deny coverage for weather-related claims.

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